Monica Marie LaBonte sees things. Then she turns them into songs and sings them. She does this masterfully on her debut EP, “See Through,” due out November 13. 


Songs are like windows. They let us look back through the past and out into the future. But songs work both ways. We can also see the singer through them. In this collection of songs, we see Monica mourning her Grandma’s passing on “Any Old Day.” We see her reckoning with how depression comes in waves on “River Song.” And we hear her singing in what Pop Matters calls a “soulful, earthly voice” about love, loss, transformation and rebirth. 


Monica started making music when she was five. She never stopped. Best-known for her work with the mystic-Americana band Monocle, she’s made two critically-acclaimed records and played hundreds of venues, including the prestigious Telluride Bluegrass Festival. She also plays in the Watergirls (with KC Groves) and Honeytree (with Eric Wiggs). As her spontaneous way of writing songs gave way to a more intentional approach, she decided to focus on her solo career. 


The songs on “See Through” are about transitions. “Tall Pines,” for instance, captures the experience of moving from the rocky mountains of Colorado to the verdant hills of Alabama. This EP also marks a transformation for Monica. She wrote these songs on the cusp of motherhood and is now releasing them as her son, Cadence, turns one. Monica describes how “with less time now, I enjoy every
moment I get to make music.” 


Monica sings about being “cured with prayer and song.” No Depression describes her songwriting as “music to touch the gentle soul.”  These songs are the healing balm we all need. “See Through” will be released on November 13 with two singles out in early fall.