New music and motherhood

Exciting things on the horizon for Monica Marie

This past year was a doozy.  I became a mama for the first time and spent nine weeks in the NICU, and this led to an unexpected and abrupt hiatus from music until winter of 2019.  Baby has turned one and now we are all experiencing a world pandemic together and taking another unexpected and abrupt hiatus from music.  This time as a quarantined mama has fine tuned and nurtured my music in a new and meaningful way.  I will be releasing new music this year and I couldn't be more excited.  Baby is healthy and happy, mama is getting her mojo back, and the world is waking up!  It's an exciting time to be alive right now and I'm thrilled to offer my music amidst the awakening within me and within the globe.  Sign up for my mailing list and stay tuned for all the newness coming out of this corner of the musical world <3


With love, Monica  

Kind Words

"Monica has one of those voices you want to wrap yourself in on a warm day or awaken to in the springtime. Her sense of melody is lush and beautiful.  What a true treasure to the world of music." -Megan Burtt (Award winning Denver-based songwriter)

"Monica is among the best singers I know. Her voice is like warm chocolate. She's a thoughtful human and songwriter, a joy to work with, and so wonderful to listen to!"

-John McVey (engineer and producer at Cinder Sound Studios)


It's quite fitting I'm in the studio during Valentine's Day because I'm just falling more and more in love with this EP and these songs.  I have a killer band (Eric Thorin, Kevin Matthews and Eric Wiggs) and an incredible engineer (Aaron Youngberg at Swingfingers Studios) to bring these songs to life.  <3   So grateful to be in the studio and I can't wait to release this EP!  

2018 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Songwriter Showcase Finalist

I am thrilled to have been chosen as a finalist in the 2018 Songwriter Showcase at Rocky Mountain Folks Fest in Lyons, CO